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Graflex Saber Kit

Graflex Saber Kit

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Decorated Kit

Limited Stock - Slight delay in shipping due to backlog, ships in 15-20 business days.


  • Standard latest generation TGS GRAFLEX ® flashgun - fitted with short pins, short contacts and a blade retention thumbscrew (varies based on option chosen)

  • V2 Blade Adapter (1 inch bore) and shine-thru Blade Plug

  • Optional Add-On:  fully wired and soldered 2-button Pixel Tech Chassis featuring the Golden Harvest v3 board with in-hilt accent LEDs.  Includes the default GHV3 fonts and also 7 GRAFLEX themed fonts including a custom TGS EXCLUSIVE GRAFLEX font by Kyberphonic.  Includes a PCB protected 5000mAH battery and charger.  Note that the chassis, board, pixel interface and all chassis parts are fully pre-assembled and are plug-and-play with our Blade Adapter.  No soldering is required for complete assembly.

  • Optional Add-On:  Decorated kit upgrade with pre-drilled and tapped holes for mounting and sound-venting.  Includes necessary items for decoration based on the option chosen.  Note that standard hard polymer grips will be included.  Additional rubber grips can be found in this listing.

  • PLEASE NOTE that the Saber Kit will arrive unassembled.  A video will be released shortly that demonstrates assembly.

  • NOTE that for Bare kits, stamping will be chosen at random unless noted in the order.  Decorated kits will have appropriate stamping based on the option chosen.

  • A Pixel Blade can be found here.

Limited Stock including the Bare, ANH, ESB and TFA versions.  Please allow up to 20 business days to ship your order as each one is inspected, tested and packaged by hand.

Photos show the Saber Kit side-by-side with a TGS GRAFLEX Flashgun.  The Saber Kit is designed to minimally compromise detail and accuracy while maintaining a strong and stable hilt.

Decorated Kit Details:
ANH - Drilling and tapping on a FWP battery tube is designed and machined to facilitate a non-idealistic uneven grip pattern.  To enhance the finish and strength, drilling and tapping is performed on the raw brass prior to plating.  For ANH, grip orientation is purposely not equal from grip to grip, leaving room for the four (4) small rivet installation.  For more detail on the parts, visit the ANH Grip Kit product listing.

ESB - Drilling and tapping on a FNP battery tube is performed on the raw brass prior to plating, enhancing the finish and strength.  Given a 6-grip design, grips should be close to even spacing but will not be perfect.  Both the grips, clamp and d-ring will be aligned to the "in the snow" shot.  For more detail on the parts, visit the ESB Grip Kit product listing.

TFA/TLJ - Drilling and tapping on an INC battery tube will be performed prior to plating, to enhance both the finish and strength.  Given a 6-grip design, grips should be close to even spacing but will not be perfect.  Both the grips, clamp and d-ring will be aligned to an accurate profile.  For more detail on the parts, visit the TFA Grip Kit product listing.

Special Notes: 1.5mm and 1.3mm (ANH Only) Allen wrenches are not included, but can be found in most hardware stores.  All kits are partially assembled (fully unassembled) and may require some fitment.  Note that ANH and ESB kits should have the grips mounted while the clamp is attached to the bottom tube and clocked to its correct placement--allowing both the clamp and bottom tube to disconnect from the top tube for repeated use.

Product Photos:  Note that one product photo on this listing shows the Clamp retention screw and backplate--please note that these two specific parts are no longer included since 2018.

Chassis Electronics Disclaimer:  Chassis electronics are warrantied for 30 days against manufacturer defects upon receipt.  If electronics are returned that show misuse, the warranty is void.  Please note that performing a firmware update by the customer or any 3rd party will be considered misuse.  Your chassis will ship with the latest firmware, settings and fonts, and is also tested thoroughly prior to packing and shipping. Upon arrival, be sure to back up the contents of your SD card to your computer before powering on the board.

Battery Disclaimer:  Lithium Ion batteries can be very dangerous.  The battery included with this item should be stored and used per common usage guidelines (see here).  Purchasing this item is an agreement that you are assuming all risk for the included lithium ion battery.

Please note that purchase of this item fulfills the customer's agreement to our Terms and Conditions and Warranty Return agreements listed on this website.  Be sure you are aware of all of the conditions of each document before placing an order.

Shipping & Returns

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, all items process and ship 1-5 business days after the order is placed.

Please view our Refund Policy for more information on returns.

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Roger Christian Approved

When the Academy Award winning set decorator of Star Wars (1977) first saw our Graflex flashgun, he initially thought it was one manufactured back before the 1950s. He was astonished by the detail and the quality of what he was holding.

The GRAFLEX® is featured in Christian's Galaxy Built On Hope (2022). You can find more information here.

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