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Saber Keychain

Saber Keychain

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Illuminated Saber Keychain

This TGS Family project was completed by Dad and two of the Oldest Children.  The idea is to take the famous UK-made MiniSabers and decorate them for the fan base.  Each decorated saber has been modeled, manufactured and hand painted by the TGS Family.

They took a lot of time and we're sure you will enjoy them!

Options (from left to right):

  • Obi Blue
  • Vader Red
  • Luke Blue
  • Luke Green
  • Maul Red

Includes the keychain hilt, keyring, batteries and blade.  You can join 2 together with this adapter:  Keychain Dual Adapter

If we have enough interest, we'll add more decorated versions and colors!  Enjoy!

We have exclusive permission and rights to modify products from MiniSabers for this project.

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Roger Christian Approved

When the Academy Award winning set decorator of Star Wars (1977) first saw our Graflex flashgun, he initially thought it was one manufactured back before the 1950s. He was astonished by the detail and the quality of what he was holding.

The GRAFLEX® is featured in Christian's Galaxy Built On Hope (2022). You can find more information here.

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