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Blade Socket Adapters (3/4 Inch - 1 Inch)
Graflex Socket | MPP Socket | Deluxe Graflex Socket Adapter - NEW Design!
All Socket Adapters are built from industrial aircraft grade aluminum. Parts are precision machined and fitted especially for the Graflex and MPP flashguns. Each component is designed to fit Luxeon parts. Our sockets are strong, durable, and accurate. For your Graflex and MPP! 3/4 Inch and 1 Inch Socket Blade Sizes Available.
Graflex Replica Parts
Brass Pins | Pin Removal Tool | Glass Eye Thumbscrew | Red Button Thumbscrew
Touch up parts for your Graflex or replica are available. Replace tarnished brass recharge pins with brand new precision machined replica pins. Own the best blade thumbscrews that looks identical to an original Graflex Glass Eye or Graflex Red Button.
Graflex Brass Pin Removal Tool
Need some help with your flashgun assembly? These tools may help.

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